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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms. Also, Annette answers FAQs about law and your business in her Legal Quickie episodes.
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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms.

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Jun 21, 2017

As you’ve and heard (or know from experience!) getting healthy and in shape can be a tough thing to do. How can someone go about doing this while juggling family, a full-time job and launching an online business at the same time?

Our guest in this episode of the Office Talk podcast, knows all about the struggles that a working mother can face when it comes to balancing life, business, and her health. Nagina Abdullah joins us to share her own journey in a demanding role as a marketing consulting, which required frequent travel, and how she leveraged her own weightloss journey into an online business - She’s now developed her brand to a point where she is able to impact the lives of hundreds of women by launching her signature training, Spice Yourself Skinny multiple times a year.

Nagina not only reveals how you can lose pounds and feel great while enjoying the process, but shares helpful tips about building a brand (as quickly as possible) so that you have an audience that’s ready to purchase your various offers. She also discusses the importance of investing in yourself, learning from your “failures” and focusing on the quality of your email list and getting the right people there.

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Jun 14, 2017

Are you a blogger who receives free products or payment in exchange to share a review about that product on let’s say your Instagram account or your blog?


Or maybe you’re an online business owner and you participate in affiliate programs where you promote another company’s products and in exchange you receive a commission for each sale that you refer.

If you’re getting paid to create content promoting another company’s products or services, then today’s Office Talk podcast episode is for you. In it, I’m sharing four things the FTC wants you to know before you endorse another company’s product or service.


  • Who needs to make disclosures and why
  • When to make disclosures
  • What your disclosures should say
  • How to make effective disclosures when you’re using social media, your website or video to endorse a company’s products or services
  • And more…




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Jun 7, 2017

Want to get people talking about your business? Have you considered PR as part of your business strategy?

If you’re anything like me, trying to get some good PR can sound a bit overwhelming. We’re so busy doing #allthethings that we really can’t handle pitching our story to media outlets on top of all the marketing we’re already doing to grow our audience. And even if we could find the time, who even knows where to start?

Meghan Ely does, thankfully. Meghan, owner of OFD Consulting, very generously shared her PR expertise with us in this episode of Office Talk. Meghan explains how PR can not only get you in front of the target audience, but provide you with valuable third party credibility as an expert in your field. No matter where you are in your business (and budget!), Meghan’s tips will show you how to get PR opportunities and how to make the most out of them to grow your audience and your business.