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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms. Also, Annette answers FAQs about law and your business in her Legal Quickie episodes.
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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms.

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May 31, 2017

When was the last time you took a red pen to your contracts to spot formatting mistakes? Ummmmm….. probably never. Well, believe it or not, minor errors in formatting can make a BIG impact on the way your contracts are interpreted. In this Legal Quickie episode, I’m sharing three common formatting mistakes you’re probably making with your contracts. The good news is they are super easy to fix.

So grab a copy of your contract (or if you don’t have one, check out the templates offered on the website), get your red pen, and have a listen to this episode.

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