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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms. Also, Annette answers FAQs about law and your business in her Legal Quickie episodes.
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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms.

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Jul 12, 2017

On this episode of Office Talk, I’m answering a question I receive quite a lot when I speak to event and wedding planners. 

You see, since event planners are often busy executing and designing the event, there isn’t something tangible left for them to include in their portfolio. That’s why they rely on photographs to help showcase their work and promote their business and services to others.

So the question becomes….

Is there a way for wedding and event planners to legally require clients to contractually agree to provide them with access to professional images after the wedding? If so, how do they go about asking for permission?

I’m sharing the answer in this week’s Legal Quickie episode! 


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