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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms. Also, Annette answers FAQs about law and your business in her Legal Quickie episodes.
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Eavesdrop on these candid conversations with game-changing entrepreneurs and host, Annette Stepanian, as they share insights on how they’re designing a business and life on their terms.

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Mar 29, 2017

What if I told you that you could get more potential clients and customers coming to your website to check out your services and products...with minimal effort?  


You’d be all ears, right?


Well, here’s one way: Use Pinterest effectively.


After hearing repeatedly that her clients and customers had found her on Pinterest even though she was spending way more time on Instagram, Elle Drouin, creator of Wonderfelle Media, realized the value of Pinterest and became very strategic about how to leverage the platform to grow her business. In this episode of the Office Talk podcast, Elle shares her best Pinterest tips to drive traffic and gain quality leads that translate into real business.


  • How to get noticed on Pinterest and gain followers
  • All the essential elements of a pinnable pin and how to draw in leads with your Pinterest graphics
  • Elle’s favorite tools for scheduling and managing her Pinterest account and why
  • How to use group boards to build a community strategically on Pinterest
  • What the advantages of Pinterest are in comparison to Instagram or other social media platforms
  • What to track—and how often—to be able to tell if your efforts are working


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Mar 22, 2017

Ever wonder if privacy policies, terms of service, or trademarks really matter?


Does the FTC really care about small businesses just starting out?


With cyber law constantly changing and trying to catch up to advances in technology, it can be really intimidating to make sure you’re complying, especially for new business owners.


In this Legal (Not-So) Quickie episode with Ryan Morrison, deemed “The Video Game Attorney,” we’re helping you sift through what is really important to protect our business right  from the start.


  • What to do when you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford legal advice or a trademark
  • The biggest mistake social media influencers make when working with companies
  • Are privacy policies and terms of service really necessary?
  • At what point should you consider filing for a trademark?
  • What to do when you own a domain and someone begins using your brand name under a similar domain
  • What an office action is and what should you do about it


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Mar 15, 2017

I was so glad to reconnect with an old friend for this episode of Office Talk, Yvette Bowlin, also known as the Declutterist®. Yvette exudes such a calm and focused energy that I think as entrepreneurs we’re all struggling to find. We’re often so busy doing, or we’re overanalyzing and in our heads. Yvette shares how her trip backpacking through Brazil in college taught her the importance of not only decluttering her possessions, but also her thoughts. Upon returning, she was inspired to maintain that life of simplicity and to help others find it as well. She began her business as the Declutterist®, guiding clients on their path towards clarity, freedom, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.


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Mar 8, 2017

Are you a social media influencer?


A YouTube rockstar?  


Are you making waves on Instagram?


Do you want to turn that digital content you’re creating into profits?  


Then you’ll want to listen to this episode with Ellie Altshuler, an entertainment and fashion attorney.   In this Legal (not-so) Quickie episode, Ellie and I talk about our best tips for legally protecting your brand.


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Mar 1, 2017

One of the biggest challenges I’ve heard from some of you is finding clients and closing sales. When I have a question about sales, my mind goes directly to Maria Bayer - a sales coach for creatives.  So I invited her on the show to pick her sales brain for this episode of the Office Talk podcast.  Drawing from her sales experience in Corporate America, Maria now coaches creatives on how to book clients quickly and for more money. And she’s sharing some of her top tips with us in this episode.


  • The flaw in the traditional “ideal client” exercise and how to attract the “right client” instead
  • How to determine when to change your contract at your client’s request and when to hold your ground
  • The questions to ask your potential clients to reveal what matters most to them and how to use that information to  sell more purposefully
  • Why you should avoid email when closing a sale and what to do instead
  • How to get your client to see your value and gain trust
  • Who should be included in the conversation when booking a client
  • The power of saying “no” to clients
  • Ways you can gain insight into your clients’ needs


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